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If you know the game, say of what you think of my ideas for items in BOIR. Thanks :D only wanna know if I have a good sense for item ideas. I'm very ideafull... if that is even a word....

tear modifier items:

Name: Sheriff star.
Item visual: A sheriff star with a pin.
description: Quick shot cowboy.
Visual: Isaac wears a start on his chest with a pin trough his flesh bleeding.
Pool: Item pool.
Effect: .0.5 dam up.
       .Isaac's tears has instant impact with no travel time when shooting a tear. Lump of coal works with this effect.

Name: Giant gear.
Item visual: A giant clock like gear.
description: This will drive there gears!
Visual: Isaac mouth is wide open showing gears as teeth.
Pool: Item pool.
Effect: .+15.0 range.
       .Isaac tears turns into giant gears that bounces off walls and objects.
       .When a gear hits a enemy it splits into 4 tinier gears firing in a diagonal cross patern and bounces off walls and objects.
       .The tinier gears get destroyed the second time they hit a enemy.

Name: Kings Crown.
Item visual: A Gold crown studded with ruby, emerald and sapphire.
description: Whealth will carry you on.
Visual: Isaac got a the kings Crown on his head with a huge smurk smile.
Pool: Item room, Angel room.
Effect: .+50 cents.
       .Isaac shoots coins instead of his tears.
       .Everytime Isaac shoots a coin he loose one coin.
       .Isaac has a chance to petrify the enemy like midas touch does.
       .Killed enemies drops coins.

Passive items:

Name: Mom's ring.
Item visual: A nice ring with a studded red rubies.
description: Luck and range up.
Visual: Isaac got now bling bling rings pierced on both sides of his head. (despite it's rings for the fingers... Isaac got no visual fingers)
Pool: boss room, challenge room.
Effect: .+1.0 luck up.
       .+5.25 Range up.

Name: NL's eyebrows.
Item visual: Couple of eyebrows.
description: huge Luck and Scum up.
Visual: Isaac got giant eyebrows. One frowning down and one raising up like Northernlion's does.
Pool: secret room.
Effect: .+3 Luck
       .+69 Scum

Name: Bottle of Red devil wine.
Item visual: A generic bottle of red wine with a classic cork.
description: Tipsy turny.
Visual: Isaac looks tipsy.
Pool: devil pool.
Effect: .-0.50 shot speed down
       .+1.0 Range
       .+0.5 Damage
       .Isaac has a random chance to confuse enemies with his tears.

Name: Earth love.
Item visual: A earth ball with a love heart in the middle.
description: Orbiting your friends.
Visual: Isaac got a earth ball stuck in his belly.
Pool: Item room, Shop.
Effect: .All familiars now orbiting isaac around him in a circle. (Even the Isaac's heart item)
Name: Endophthalmitis.
Item visual: A infected blind eye with eye sties.
description: Spreading lumps.
Visual: Isaac's eye is infected with lumps and leaking blood looking blind.
Pool: item room.
Effect: Isaac has a chance to fire a bigger blue tear that spawns a friendly Blue Boil, when it hits the ground, wall, objects or enemy, that spouts white tears like normal Boils would do. 1x equal to basic tear dam. 3 max per room.

Name: Broken flash light.
Item visual: A broken flashlight with a busted lens.
description: You feel flashed.
Visual: Isaac got a broken flash light strapped on the top of his head.
Pool: Item room.
Effect: .When isaac get damaged, he brings out a blinding flash that confuse all enemies in the room for a decent time.

Name: Harmony ball.
Item visual: A gold Harmony ball with gold wings with a chain.
description: Soothe what lives inside.
Visual: Isaac wears a Harmony ball with a chain around his neck.
Pool: Item room ,Angel room, Golden chest.
Effect: .1+ spirit heart.
       .After you pickup a eternal heart, it will instantly turn into a spirit heart.
       .Lowers all damage taken only for spirit hearts by half rounding up to the nearest half-heart.

Name: Holy hand grenade.
Item visual: A Holy hand grenade.
description: Holy touch.
Visual: Isaac holds the holy hand grenade in both his hands between together.
Pool: Angel room.
Effect: .When Isaac gets hit, he explodes in a MR. Mega explosion radius and damage.
       .Blood banks and demon beggars won't trigger the effect.
       .The explosion doesn't hurt Isaac so pyro maniac won't work.
       .Touching a enemy in conjunction with Isaac's hearth triggers the effect and Isaac's hearth doesn't get hurt from the explosion.

Active items:

Name: Holo belt.
Item visual: A metal belt with a blue orb like shakel.
description: Reusable reflection.
Charge time: (timed) 3 sec.
Visual: Isaac wears the belt around his waste.
Pool: Item room, shop.
Effect: .On use, Isaac brings out a pulse of blue energy around him that expand and fades quickly for a short range.
       .The ring reflect enemy's bullets making them homing and resets there range to your range stat and does damage equal to x1.5 of your tear damage.

Name: Cooking 101.
Item visual: A book with a knife and 101 writen on it.
description: Don't cut your fingers.
Charge time: 3 rooms.
Visual: None
Pool: Item room, Library.
Effect: On use, Isaac gets mom's knife for one room.

Name: Magic Rune stone.
Item visual: A flat stone with glowing scribble lines.
description: Reusable rune generator.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Charge time: 6 rooms.
Visual: None.
Pool: Item room, shop.
Effect: .Get a rune on use.

Name: D2
Item visual: A flat blue coin with 1 dot.
description: Reroll your precious.
Charge time: 3 rooms.
Visual: None.
Pool: Item room.
Effect: .get one random trinket that drops on the ground.
       .Rerolls your trinket / trinkets and rerolls trinkets on the ground.

Name: Musk candle.
Item visual: a big lump of dark pink candle with flies hanging around.
description: Tastes charming...
Charge time: 2 rooms.
Visual: None.
Pool: Item room. Golden chest.
Effect: .On use, Charms every enemy on the room like the pheromones pill but for longer.
Seriously? A platformer, sport participating secret agent with rated R jokes? I think I missed some of my childhood... HOW THE FUDGE DID I MISSED THOSE GAMES!!!
Happy CM by SpikeTheFoxyYoshi
Happy CM
:iconspikethefoxyyoshi: :iconjuliannb4: :iconyoshiandriolu: :icontheyoshimaster: :iconernestogp: :iconvivi-sinclair: :iconbasher954: :icondracomonstar: :iconcondorguren: and :iconalexyo63: Wish you happy holidays.

yes a bit late... but that's what you get if you spend your time at your family.
And have a great time you all.
So, any plans for Christmas guys :D
I'm just with my family, nothing special :p


Artist | Student | Varied
hi i,m Jerryt I am 20 years and a huge addicted fan of Yoshi's... and inflation but don't worry got more interest on other events / topics

My biggest thing that are a inspiration of my are Yoshi's, especially my own Yoshi Spike... love him so much.

I game a lot on my Wii and computer to be inspired and unwind.
I am also very quick to laugh. welll ...

Favourite genre of music: house
Favourite style of art: comic yoshi, dry humor
Favourite cartoon character: Yoshi, Spike the yosfox




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