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Wedding ahead? by SpikeTheFoxyYoshi
Wedding ahead?
:iconspikethefoxyyoshi: asks :iconyoshiandriolu: if she want to marry him. Yoshan knew Spike was so bonded to her but is she ready to be engaged? Spike is kneeling for Yoshan with a shiny ring that almost cost all his money while Yoshan can't get a decision. She likes Spike and kinda love him. But she isn't ready. But she also don't want to say no because she know if she say no, she will decimate Spike's heart into thousands of pieces. 

What's your answer?
Phillipzu The Dragon by SpikeTheFoxyYoshi
Phillipzu The Dragon
A RQ from :iconlemmy-koopaling:

After one of his journey's he found a treasure chest.... suppose to be a huge chest but for him it's a tiny little puny playtoy chest.
If you know the game, say of what you think of my ideas for items in BOIR. Thanks :D only wanna know if I have a good sense for item ideas. I'm very ideafull... if that is even a word....

tear modifier items:

Name: Sheriff star.
Item visual: A sheriff star with a pin.
description: Quick shot cowboy.
Visual: Isaac wears a start on his chest with a pin trough his flesh bleeding.
Pool: Item pool.
Effect: .0.5 dam up.
       .Isaac's tears has instant impact with no travel time when shooting a tear. Lump of coal works with this effect.

Name: Giant gear.
Item visual: A giant clock like gear.
description: This will drive there gears!
Visual: Isaac mouth is wide open showing gears as teeth.
Pool: Item pool.
Effect: .+15.0 range.
       .Isaac tears turns into giant gears that bounces off walls and objects.
       .When a gear hits a enemy it splits into 4 tinier gears firing in a diagonal cross patern and bounces off walls and objects.
       .The tinier gears get destroyed the second time they hit a enemy.

Name: Kings Crown.
Item visual: A Gold crown studded with ruby, emerald and sapphire.
description: Whealth will carry you on.
Visual: Isaac got a the kings Crown on his head with a huge smurk smile.
Pool: Item room, Angel room.
Effect: .+50 cents.
       .Isaac shoots coins instead of his tears.
       .Everytime Isaac shoots a coin he loose one coin.
       .Isaac has a chance to petrify the enemy like midas touch does.
       .Killed enemies drops coins.

Passive items:

Name: Mom's ring.
Item visual: A nice ring with a studded red rubies.
description: Luck and range up.
Visual: Isaac got now bling bling rings pierced on both sides of his head. (despite it's rings for the fingers... Isaac got no visual fingers)
Pool: boss room, challenge room.
Effect: .+1.0 luck up.
       .+5.25 Range up.

Name: NL's eyebrows.
Item visual: Couple of eyebrows.
description: huge Luck and Scum up.
Visual: Isaac got giant eyebrows. One frowning down and one raising up like Northernlion's does.
Pool: secret room.
Effect: .+3 Luck
       .+69 Scum

Name: Bottle of Red devil wine.
Item visual: A generic bottle of red wine with a classic cork.
description: Tipsy turny.
Visual: Isaac looks tipsy.
Pool: devil pool.
Effect: .-0.50 shot speed down
       .+1.0 Range
       .+0.5 Damage
       .Isaac has a random chance to confuse enemies with his tears.

Name: Earth love.
Item visual: A earth ball with a love heart in the middle.
description: Orbiting your friends.
Visual: Isaac got a earth ball stuck in his belly.
Pool: Item room, Shop.
Effect: .All familiars now orbiting isaac around him in a circle. (Even the Isaac's heart item)
Name: Endophthalmitis.
Item visual: A infected blind eye with eye sties.
description: Spreading lumps.
Visual: Isaac's eye is infected with lumps and leaking blood looking blind.
Pool: item room.
Effect: Isaac has a chance to fire a bigger blue tear that spawns a friendly Blue Boil, when it hits the ground, wall, objects or enemy, that spouts white tears like normal Boils would do. 1x equal to basic tear dam. 3 max per room.

Name: Broken flash light.
Item visual: A broken flashlight with a busted lens.
description: You feel flashed.
Visual: Isaac got a broken flash light strapped on the top of his head.
Pool: Item room.
Effect: .When isaac get damaged, he brings out a blinding flash that confuse all enemies in the room for a decent time.

Name: Harmony ball.
Item visual: A gold Harmony ball with gold wings with a chain.
description: Soothe what lives inside.
Visual: Isaac wears a Harmony ball with a chain around his neck.
Pool: Item room ,Angel room, Golden chest.
Effect: .1+ spirit heart.
       .After you pickup a eternal heart, it will instantly turn into a spirit heart.
       .Lowers all damage taken only for spirit hearts by half rounding up to the nearest half-heart.

Name: Holy hand grenade.
Item visual: A Holy hand grenade.
description: Holy touch.
Visual: Isaac holds the holy hand grenade in both his hands between together.
Pool: Angel room.
Effect: .When Isaac gets hit, he explodes in a MR. Mega explosion radius and damage.
       .Blood banks and demon beggars won't trigger the effect.
       .The explosion doesn't hurt Isaac so pyro maniac won't work.
       .Touching a enemy in conjunction with Isaac's hearth triggers the effect and Isaac's hearth doesn't get hurt from the explosion.

Active items:

Name: Holo belt.
Item visual: A metal belt with a blue orb like shakel.
description: Reusable reflection.
Charge time: (timed) 3 sec.
Visual: Isaac wears the belt around his waste.
Pool: Item room, shop.
Effect: .On use, Isaac brings out a pulse of blue energy around him that expand and fades quickly for a short range.
       .The ring reflect enemy's bullets making them homing and resets there range to your range stat and does damage equal to x1.5 of your tear damage.

Name: Cooking 101.
Item visual: A book with a knife and 101 writen on it.
description: Don't cut your fingers.
Charge time: 3 rooms.
Visual: None
Pool: Item room, Library.
Effect: On use, Isaac gets mom's knife for one room.

Name: Magic Rune stone.
Item visual: A flat stone with glowing scribble lines.
description: Reusable rune generator.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Charge time: 6 rooms.
Visual: None.
Pool: Item room, shop.
Effect: .Get a rune on use.

Name: D2
Item visual: A flat blue coin with 1 dot.
description: Reroll your precious.
Charge time: 3 rooms.
Visual: None.
Pool: Item room.
Effect: .get one random trinket that drops on the ground.
       .Rerolls your trinket / trinkets and rerolls trinkets on the ground.

Name: Musk candle.
Item visual: a big lump of dark pink candle with flies hanging around.
description: Tastes charming...
Charge time: 2 rooms.
Visual: None.
Pool: Item room. Golden chest.
Effect: .On use, Charms every enemy on the room like the pheromones pill but for longer.
Seriously? A platformer, sport participating secret agent with rated R jokes? I think I missed some of my childhood... HOW THE FUDGE DID I MISSED THOSE GAMES!!!


Artist | Student | Varied
hi i,m Jerryt I am 20 years and a huge addicted fan of Yoshi's... and inflation but don't worry got more interest on other events / topics

My biggest thing that are a inspiration of my are Yoshi's, especially my own Yoshi Spike... love him so much.

I game a lot on my Wii and computer to be inspired and unwind.
I am also very quick to laugh. welll ...

Favourite genre of music: house
Favourite style of art: comic yoshi, dry humor
Favourite cartoon character: Yoshi, Spike the yosfox




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